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Forward Reaching Design

Details leaves nothing to chance. Each item and service is selected with attention, quality, and budget.

Prior to your event you will receive conceptual sketches, event blueprints, a line-item budget, and production schedules. You will have the opportunity to monitor all elements of your event throughout the production process

Seamless Quality Production

At Details and Florabunda Designs, everything is catered to you. We want you to be a guest at your own party and not concern yourself with the details. Our seasoned staff will work with you, and our trusted vendors to ensure everything you imagined can become possible. 

Your designs aren't just another drawing, they are created for you, by us, to give you an event that is truly one of a kind!

Detailed and Comprehensive Planning

With comprehensive knowledge of Auto-Cad, regulatory compliance and event production, not only will your event design exceed your expectations, but you will know what you're getting is by​ the book and is completely accurate to building, fire and occupancy code.


At Details and Florabunda Designs we want you to get your event right the first time and not have you worry about the little details.

Florabunda Designs Inc.
since 1981

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